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Parent Communication:

Families will be given a site tour by the site staff on the first day of the program. Information regarding enrollment for all SOI programs and any other pertinent information will be emailed/texted to parent/guardian. Parents/Guardians may request a conference with SOI staff at any time it is deemed necessary and are also offered on an annual basis.

Daily attendance communication may be sent to your child's site email.

Schedule changes must be sent 2 weeks in advance to:

Weather Related School Delays and Closings:

In the event of Bethlehem School District delays, early dismissals, or closings, SOI will be listed on all the major television and radio stations’. When the Bethlehem School District is closed, all SOI programs are closed. When the Bethlehem School District has any delay in the morning, SOI before school program is closed. When the Bethlehem School District dismisses one (1) hour early at 2:00pm, SOI will operate the after school program until 4:00pm. Children must be picked up by this time. When the 12 Bethlehem School District dismisses two (2) hours early at 1:00pm, SOI after school program will be closed.

Arrival and Pick-up Procedures:

For both the before and after school programs, only parents/guardians or designated adults will be allowed to sign children in or out from the program.

If a person other than the designated adults specified on the registration form will be picking up your children, a written note from the parent is required. For the protection of your children and per NYS regulations, identification will be requested (driver’s license or photo ID) at the time of pick-up. SOI asks that parents/guardians please inform the designated adults who are listed as pick-ups or emergency contacts of this policy.

Children who are signed up for extracurricular activities at their school and the SOI site is the elementary cafeteria, children must check into the SOI program first with the Site Manager. SOI must have a signed permission slip from the parent/guardian in advance of the activity. Children who are enrolled at the Enrichment Center and attend extracurricular school functions, must be picked up immediately after the activity. They cannot join the SOI program in the school cafeteria as they are not registered at the site and there is no emergency information on premise for the child.

If the SOI program is being held in a different location or the children are outside, a note will be left at the their regular SOI site indicating where they are. Attendance is taken when the children are lined up to go out and back to the SOI site as well as every fifteen (15) minutes in between. If children are attending intramurals at the elementary school and are assigned to that SOI elementary school site, a SOI staff member will be assigned by the Site Manager to meet the children so that they may be escorted back to the SOI program.

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