Happy Children

Registration Information:

School's Out, Inc accepts registration for school-age children residing within the Bethlehem Central School District throughout the School-Year.

During our summer months, School's Out accepts registration from children, entering first through fifth grade, living in the Capital District .

Registration for all programs including school year, summer, & vacation care days are based on "first come, first serve."

SOI does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.  If a child requires or has daily access to an aide in the classroom, parent/guardians must provide an aide for safe participation in the before/after school and vacation care programs.  The child must be able to independently care for themselves (i.e. feed themselves, toilet themselves, independently communicate).  SOI will make every effort to accommodate every child.  Please notify SOI at the time of registration if your child has special needs to help us plan for your child.

Children can be enrolled in one of two before and after school programs; 1-2 days or 5 days.  Those children that are enrolled in the 1-2-day program will automatically be assigned to the SOI Enrichment Center.  Children who are enrolled in the 5-day program can be assigned to their child’s elementary school site or SOI Enrichment Center. 

Parent/guardians may be asked to complete additional forms annually as required by OCFS. Also, required at the time of application for children entering grades K through 5, is a non-refundable, annual $50.00 family registration fee.  In January, fall enrollment opens to current SOI families two weeks prior to the public. Current enrollment at a school site does not guarantee future enrollment at a school site.

SOI follows the Bethlehem School District calendar and provides child care programs on most of the full day vacation days and all half days.  Approximately one (1) month prior to vacation care program days, registration forms with field trip information or special activities will be emailed to all currently enrolled families and is available on the SOI website.