School's Out, Inc.

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Hey guys! It's really starting to feel like fall! Happy November, this year has started out fantastic let’s keep the momentum going! We will be going outside as much as possible, so make sure your kids have sneakers and appropriate clothing for the chilly weather. Our theme for the month is “We Are Thankful” and the country we will be exploring is Australia! There will be lots of animal crafts and fall fun activities to participate in all month long. We are taking recyclables at site; any donations would be appreciated.

This year is off to a great start, it has been an enjoyable first few months of the school year. In the month of November, we will be doing a bunch of great activities based off thankfulness & the culture in Australia. We will still be going outside weather permitting, please remind your children to bring jackets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, scarfs and other clothes that they need to be comfortable based on the weather.

October FLEW by! Our Halloween Carnival was a blast! The kids and staff had so much fun! The kids loved all of the Halloween crafts this month. Now that we are Halloween'd out, we are ready for what November brings. This month we will be putting together a "Guess Who?" bulletin board. Please feel free to bring in or email a younger picture of your child/ren! When it is complete check it out to see if you can guess who is who! Our special event of November will be a Pajama Party!! We will be holding this on November 15th! Please feel free to send in pajamas in with your child, we will have them change when they arrive! (Morning kids can change into school clothes before their bus comes). I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

How is it already November?! This month we will be working on different activities based on Australia and Fall/Thanksgiving. We will be continuing to go outside both in the morning and afternoon programs, so please make sure children are prepared for the upcoming cold weather. Please remind your children that if they would like to participate in gym activities or the playground, they must be wearing closed toe shoes such as sneakers. We hope the children enjoyed the October Halloween Carnival! Expect more special events in the upcoming months!

Wow I can't believe it's already November! Our pumpkin palooza and harvest party were a huge success! Thank you to all parents who signed up and brought in goodies for all the kids! As the colder months are approaching fast, we will still be going outside as much as possible with weather permitting. Please be sure to send in your children with appropriate clothing including hats and gloves!

We can’t believe it’s already November, time truly flies when you’re having fun! We will be welcoming all of falls festivities and going down under to Australia! Our activities will embrace being thankful going into the new month. We will continue to be going outside morning and afternoon, so please don’t forget to pack a jacket to wear! We are looking forward to continuing the excitement!