School's Out, Inc.

239 Delaware Ave, Delmar NY 12054


Happy 2020! Welcome to a new decade and a new month full of exciting events! First, the country and theme are Switzerland and “Skating into the New Year!” We are hosting a special event called School's Outs Got Talent! Kids will be showing off their talents and will wow the audience with their various talents! Parents are strongly encouraged to attend to cheer on our participants!! We are still accepting recyclables! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! 

2019 has come and gone, in 2020 we will be doing more winter and new year themed activities along with some that have a Swedish theme to them. We are looking forward to another great year at Elsmere and hope to make 2020 better than 2019. We will also continue to go outside if the weather is appropriate so send the kids with hats, gloves, and coats so that they are ready to go outside if we decide to go out. Also please label your child's winter clothes if possible!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family friends! We are jumping right back into the swing of things! Thank you to everyone who donated to our canned good food drive for the food pantry! We will be collecting the pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald house for the rest of the school year, feel free to save them up and bring them in! If you have not already, check out our guess who bulletin board! See how many you can guess!

Happy New Year! A new year means tons of new activities! We are focusing on New Year’s activities along with some new crafts based on Switzerland! We are still going to be going outside when possible so make sure your child is prepared for the weather! We will also be starting a basketball league in which your child will have a chance to make it into the playoffs to compete against other teams. We are working on putting together another "Special Event" so stay tuned for that! I hope everyone had a nice break and I look forward to seeing everyone after the long break!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing break. This month we will be holding a Lip Sync! We would love if parents came to watch, so be on the lookout for invitations! We will still be going outside as much as possible weather permitting so please send in your children with the appropriate clothing, including hats and gloves!

Wow 2020 already! Time sure does go fast when you are having a blast. We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday break. We would first like to thank you all for the party contributions. It made our party a huge success! We are very excited to be back and start the new year off with some fun and exciting crafts as well as exploring our country of the month Switzerland. Just as a reminder, we will be going outside as much as we can so please remember to send your child(ren) with the appropriate snow gear so your child(ren) can enjoy the snow.