Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this time at home and staying safe. I miss you all so much!! Happy birthday to all our March & April birthdays, I hope you all had a special day. I’m excited to hear everyone’s stories when we return to program again! Don't you worry, all the fun we had planned for spring will still happen when we get back! Wishing you well and hope to see you soon! 

Hi everyone! I miss you all! I hope that everyone has been able to stay healthy and safe through these weird times. I hope that we can get back to school this year, so I can hear all about how everyone has spent this time at home. I know that there will be a lot of great stories to hear. Once we return, I have a NEW fossil kit that I got just before the school closed. I am looking forward to doing that with you all. Also, I am looking for some new games and activities to do once we return. Happy birthday to those we have missed while being away! I hope to see everyone soon!

Stay safe and healthy!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying healthy. I miss all the children, parents and little siblings so much!!  I wanted to let you all know a few cool updates since you’ve been away. First, our

leprechaun traps were destroyed by the leprechauns! We didn’t catch any but luckily, they left some awesome prizes for everyone when we return!! Next year we will have to make sure our traps are escape proof. Second, the sunflowers have started to grow! We have been watering them every day are hoping to plant them in front of Enrichment Center. Lastly, WE HAVE BUTTERFLIES!! Our caterpillars have successfully turned into butterflies. There was 6 total & they have been named Billy, Chloe, Judith, Buttercup, Samora, and Tony. I let them out of the net last week and they flew off to find their new homes! I hope everyone is doing their work and washing their hands! We will make SO much slime when we are together again, stay safe!!

To our families & children, I miss you all! What we’re going through currently is an unusual time & I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I miss waking up each day and getting to spend it all with you. It has been such a pleasure to help you succeed & grow! Stay strong, we are all going to get through this together. I look forward to opening that cafeteria door once again and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. It’s the day I’ll be looking forward to the most.  I can’t wait to get back to our messy science experiments and fun group games!

Hello! I hope you’re all staying safe and washing those hands! I can’t wait to be back at Hamagrael with you all. I have been updating my music playlist & hope you’re ready for some epic dance parties! I know how much you all must miss my singing and dancing with you. I look forward to hearing about everything you did with your families & all the awesome books you guys have read! I miss everyone so much and can’t wait to get back to see all your bright smiling faces!

Hi everyone, I miss you so much! I hope during this time you are staying safe and healthy but, are also having fun. I can't wait until we are at Slingerlands again and I can hear all about the exciting things you did. I have some really cool crafts and special events planned that I can't wait to share with you when we get back. Remember to stay safe, healthy & to listen to your parents. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands!

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